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Proper brewing method of ampelopsis tea - Zhangjiajie Ampelopsis tea 藤茶,显齿蛇葡萄冲泡方法

Proper brewing method of ampelopsis tea

Different from other tea, ampelopsis tea, a kind of traditional Chinese medicine health care tea, has very effective health care efficacy, and it also differs from other tea in terms of brewing method. It is suitable for brewing in a vacuum cup, and when brewing it, the water temperature must be well mastered, as far as possible to use nearly one hundred degrees of boiling water. Only in this way can the nutrients and medicinal ingredients contained in it be separated out in the tea soup as quickly as possible.

When brewing ampelopsis tea, directly put the prepared tea leaves into a vacuum cup, and then pour the prepared boiling water into it. At this time, do not fill too much water, and the amount of the water shall be about half the size of the cup. After filling it with water, shake it with your hands a few times. Then drain water out, refill it with boiling water, and cover its lid well. After 5 to 10 minutes, pour out the tea soup, and then add water in time. The poured tea soup can be served directly when its temperature is suitable.

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