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Benefits of Ampelopsis Tea to Women - Zhangjiajie Ampelopsis tea 莓茶的功效

Benefits of Ampelopsis Tea to Women

Delaying Aging
The Ampelopsis Tea is rich in trace elements and flavonoids, which would help delay aging and prolong life. Benefiting from these two antioxidant components, Ampelopsis Tea could not only promote the metabolism of the body, but also help inhibit free radicals. The less the free radicals in the body, the lower the possibility of cell canceration or functional degradation.

Nutrifying Skin
The nutrient components in the Ampelopsis Tea could make the skin tender and avoid pox or acne on the skin surface. Moreover, it would help decrease skin pigmentation and make the skin of consumers firm and white. In addition, due to the fact that the tea itself is of low calorie, it is conducive to lipolysis as well.

Nourishing Body
The amino acids and trace elements contained in the Ampelopsis Tea is good to human body, and could alleviate consumers’ physical weakness problem. After these components are absorbed, they could also promote the organ functions and improve the toxin metabolism of the body. Therefore, drinking Ampelopsis Tea would help relieve the problems of physical weakness and poor physical fitness.

Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases
The Ampelopsis Tea is called “blood vessel scavenger”. Why is that? Because it has good effect on blood cleaning and purifying, cholesterol lowering, permeability increasing of blood vessel wall and blood circulation, which would protect the consumers from thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage and arteriosclerosis.

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