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Benefits of Ampelopsis Tea(Vine tea) to Women

Delaying AgingThe Ampelopsis Tea is rich in trace elements and flavonoids, which would help delay aging and prolong life. Benefiting from these two antioxidant components, Ampelopsis Tea could not only promote the metabolism of the body, but also help inhibit free radicals. The less the free radicals in the body, the lower the possibility of


Matters Needing Attention about Ampelopsis Tea(Vine tea)

First of all, infants and young children, as a group whose internal organs are not fully developed, cannot completely absorb ampelopsis tea’s nutrition after drinking it. Especially for babies whose gastrointestinal tract is not fully developed, drinking ampelopsis tea would burden their gastrointestinal tract, which is also quite detrimental for their health. Pregnant women are


Proper brewing method of ampelopsis tea (Vine tea)

Different from other tea, ampelopsis tea, a kind of traditional Chinese medicine health care tea, has very effective health care efficacy, and it also differs from other tea in terms of brewing method. It is suitable for brewing in a vacuum cup, and when brewing it, the water temperature must be well mastered, as far


Our Tea Plantation

The tea garden is located in Zhangjiajie City, Xiangxi, Hunan Province. It has a beautiful environment, plenty of sunshine, abundant rainfall and an average altitude of 1500 meters. It is the best place for the growth of high-quality berry tea.


Ampelopsis tea tea leaf

Picked when the berry tea grows and matures, it has large leaves, black color, few and thick tea stems, strong taste, slow return to sweetness and foam resistance.


Super ampelopsis tea

Picking is slightly earlier than the original leaves of berry tea, with small leaves, gray color, many tea stems, general taste and sweet return.


Best ampelopsis tea

Picked after the Qingming Festival, the leaves are tender, the color is white, and the tea stem is small. Usually, the tea is in the shape of a whole plant, with good taste and quick return to sweetness.



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